Saturday, December 26, 2009

Unemployed- sometime/something.

Everything comes from something, nothing comes from nothing.
This is my something. My inspiration wall is growing & I like eating tea & croissants.

Sometimes I live in a magical world where I drink tea and stay in my pjama's all day and dream about summer coming back to love me again. I'm dreaming about high waisted shorts, singlets, converse shoes and hippie headbands. Beers with my besties and blurry hot days that are flooded with smiles, mud and smelly rain.

Sometimes I also like taking photos and sticking post its over the flash on my SLR- its fun and it feels like you have x-ray vision.
Sometimes somethings are just a bit fun.
Sometimes I'm just unemployed.
Sometimes I miss my friends,family and sometimes a bit of fun.

Whats your something?

Love A.

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