Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another day in Tooting, Another late sleep In.

The problem about being unemployed is that I'm on some sort of sleep-a-thon, and by gosh am I in first place. My sleeping patterns are all messed up because face it, I don't really have anywhere to be- I can do whatever I like and that means ignoring my phone alarm for 5 extra hours is ok. Well it's not O.K and I'm trying to change that- I have a new alarm clock and I have to get motivated enough to actually turn it on and be willing to jump out of bed to turn it off when I wake up. The problem is that I always go back to the land of NOD, into a very deep sleep, dreaming epic movie dreams, unable to return until lunchtime in which I proceed to have a large bowl of crunchy nut and a beautiful tea. MMMM TEA.

So, why am I telling you this? I'm telling you this because now I'm wide awake like a bloody owl because I can't sleep, because I slept in- and the vicious cycle continues. But tomorrow is a new day and I'm trying to make friends with my alarm clock and break the cycle.

Following this- Im actually very productive, organising my portfolio, emailing, job hunting, drinking more tea and pondering and going for the occasional walk to pick up supplies and post stuff. It's coming up to Christmas, so work is a bit slow and I think most people are probably more worried about what they're going to be eating at Christmas (turkey or ham? mouth drool- both), then whether I'm going to be able to feed myself at Christmas with my non-existant job and non-existant desk. STILL- I live in hope and that awesome possie is going to crop up in the New Year and then I'm going to be rocking the U.K with all my awesome footwear designs and everybody's going to be dancing in the street because of how great they feel in my shoes- yep, they will.

Would you like to see some pictures from today? Sure you do. Welcome to my Neighbourhood in Tooting Bec, London. Yep, the little Aussie that could. Toot toot ♥♥♥

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