Monday, January 25, 2010

Unemployed- the super revolution of romance.

Hello All.

Today I have been doing an abundance of thinking
about trends/designing/whats coming up
& whats going on in the world of

I have come up with around 5 major movements
that I believe to be happening and which
I am going to research in depth further.

These ideas I am working on are:

++ there is a super, incredible romance evolution starting- soft, whimsical yet still strong, feminine, overtly girly ++

++sci-fi/ outerspace/ computer technology/ psychedelic this is going to be a cracker as I'm obsessed with all things space & beyond ++

++ military is back- more urban than before and taken to new extremes- she is ultra, effortlessly cool ++

++ Mad Max- protective, strong, continuation of hardware, all things dark- I'm having an ephinany and it involves alot of navy blue and dark greys ++

++ Vintage- all things old, kitch, retro
and worn because people want to feel loved/homely and want to get back to basics these days with all the crazy economic topsy-turvy crap- pottering around the house has never been so much fun ++

What I'm specifically in love with today,
funnily enough- is my super revolution of
romance trend. Why? because its
pretty & sweet...soft & dreamy but
still feminine, strong & sexy.
Here are a few inspirations I have
found and love.

++Job update++
Got a call today to do some temp. nannying work for some
extra cash- so this may just be a casual thing...any money
is better than no money and at the rate
of me planning my crazy Euro/UK summer- I need some
pennies please!

Recruitment Agency Success Appointments has taken me on (yay! acceptance!)
I have been put forward for an Assistant Product Developer Role &
a Junior Colour/ Trend Researcher with some fairly top profile
UK brands. Don't want to throw any names around yet...but I am super
excited about BOTH! I have an interview sometime this week
for the Assistant PD role, so I have been busy researching
the brand along with portfolio bits & pieces. As for the Jnr. Trend Researcher the
management is away at the this will take a few weeks to find out about!
I hope I'm in with a chance..both involve some sweet-ass travel and they are both
pretty amazing brands to work for- come on lucky dice!

But for now,
Romancing with my Mac on a Monday- what more could I ask for?

Now, a cup of tea & to the drawing pad.


Love A.

(P.S- if your liking my blog please do comment so
I know I'm not just talking to myself- which is
usually quite normal anyway!)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Unemployed...bits :)

Bit of inspiration for you all!
South Kensington is rather dreamy!
Magical flowers, pictures & art galleries
Vintage Jumper- £1

I'm tired, its time for an 8hr nap.

Jobs? A certain interview may
be taking place tomorrow or Tuesday.
Update very soon my bloggy froggy friends.

Love A.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Unemployed- Psyched for SYKES.

Right! When you start to loose all hope and think things aren't happening- things start happening. Weird huh? To be honest lately things haven't been the best (this isn't a blog where ever thing is peaches and roses- I do aim to tell my honest story! However peaches and roses are pretty) I started to get into a bit of a rut- losing all hope- questioning myself-my qualifications & my experience and geez, mainly who I am. Lets admit- these are not the best things to be questioning in a cold, dark time like this without loved ones around! The last few weeks my programs weren't working so I lost a bit of motivation because I couldn't get any new footwear CADS done and it was really hindering working on my portfolio any further. With weeks going by of no new phone encouragement...I just started to wonder- WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?Is anyone going to give me a job?...... "Pretty please??! I'm a super dooper designer & you wont regret it!" A few weeks ago I sent out an outstanding amount of emails to the New Generation Designers showing at London Fashion Week. I wanted to show my keen interest in any work experience they may have available for me- the chance to work with any designers, feed off any inspiration and any experience I can get would be wonderful- within either clothing or footwear. Without any reply I thought, hmph, just another avenue shot down...what other ways can I try? Depressed and my head sore from banging against an imaginary brick wall I found myself 2 nights ago perusing through my Junkmail (as you do- um theres some interesting stuff in there I must admit..)

I found an invite from a contact at Joanna Sykes- a london based womens luxury label showing at London Fashion week- the lovely ladies have seen my blog & were interested in my bubbly attitude and willingness to help them out! YES, I thought! I may have even done an Irish jig around my room at this point and yeah the neighbours can see into my room but it was 1am, so who cares.

Thus after quick communication and a meet-date yesterday- I am now an Intern at Joanna Sykes Studio in Notting Hill and I start on Friday! I am initially helping out 2 days a week with any jobs and bits and pieces the label needs to run at the moment and any organisation needed for the labels fashion week exhibition- Joanna is a very talented designer who has just finished working with Armani for 5 years (wow!) and has also worked for Albeta Ferritti. The label is gorgeous with beautiful luxurious fabrics & exquisite tailoring- it has a very sophisticated feel. I really love the styling of it!

If you would like to check out SYKES here is the low down on the fashion week site: Also the SYKES website is
SO! I am very excited to work with a very talented designer & soak up all the knowledge and inspiration I can and I suppose getting to help out at.....LONDON FASHION WEEK- is just a little bit, um....COOL?!?

++Todays Inspiration Notebook++

++outfit planning to visit Studio M for a meeting & SYKES- green top from OP shop-0.50p, River Island Belt, Vintage Leopard Scarf, Primark skirt, Camden lace up booties & black tights++
++ Yes I like old school vintage granny jumpers- they are the best! here's another find- £1 floral jumper Im wearing today- its so warm I think I'm starting to sweat++
++ Summer prep- long black vintage dress for £3, thought it was a gorg find and I could style it up with a waist belt, lots of long hippie necklaces and some hot new gladiators for summer- yes gladiators will be back but in very fine, crazy form- think warrior on speed ++
++ bikes and bits in London town++
++ Psyched about SYKES- some of the label piccys for you to see! I love how they have used elderly models in some shots- it shows the label is still 'real' and versatile. Well done!++

So this weeks lesson is: always check your junk email, you never know what treasures you may find: um good & bad
Keep trying- good things do who come to those who wait and those who network, more good things come to you
Be yourself- why would you want to be anyone else when the person you are
is so unique.

When the sun shines, I'll be dancing on top of it and when it doesn't, I'll still be dancing in the street.



Saturday, January 16, 2010

Unemployed Blah Blah Blah.

Unemployed nights out in the hood.
Thai food and too much red wine
fuzzy head today
blah, blah, blah...rah,rah,rah.
i want a joby
please london give it to me


Friday, January 15, 2010

Unemployed Tangents.

'if you chase two rabbits,
both will escape'

Greetings Earthlings.

To tell the truth I've been on a bit of a 'creative/confused/trying to focus/what am I going to do with my life' hiatus. Its been quite a ride and trying to decide on where to focus is a little bit hard sometimes. Shoes/ clothes/ styling/photography....I was just thinking I might open a cool cafe instead?

Anyway the point is the portfolio NEEDS work otherwise designs are just going to look a bit like gutter trash, so here's some piccys of the development process for you!

I also caught up with fellow blogger Yishyene from Tan Shoes/Pink Shoelaces check out her cute blog::

She's also featured in my post today.Cute!

Todays Inspiration::
++ random kitty becomes king of my room/window++
++snow encrusted outside++
++tan shoes/pink shoe laces++
++my portfolio++

Love A.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Unemployed- still.

"Every worthwhile accomplishment,
big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle and a victory." Ghandi

Still trying, still thinking, still searching, still evolving, still growing, still waiting.
Please god let something good happen soon, but for now I'm going to have coffee and
thats good enough.

Love A.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Unemployed Escape.

The trip to Birmingham was wonderfully rejuvenating, relaxing and made me feel me again to be with an old friend that I love dearly. Chatting about life, people & earth and whats really important is what we like to do. I hadn't seen that silly, hyperactive, overexcited girl in me for months- thanks Hols for bringing her back.

Inspiration Notebook:
++cosy fireplaces & small pubs that feel like someones lounge room- do it, its so much more original, authentic & secret ++
++ snow & friends is always the best- snow for one just isn't that fun++
++value those loved ones that you don't get to see that often- feed on the inspiration they provide you with, feel good about passing on your positive energies to each other ++
++wigs and hair extensions are so damn cool, go and try some on, they are sure to make your day, however maybe not the sales assistants++
++I'm wearing my £4 Parisian Coat, £1 vintage jumper, free leopard headscarf, £5 leopard sunnies, 'Faith' studded leather boots, Primark tights £5, Screwdriver & hammer necklace from my previous label++

Love A. xxx

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Unemployed thought for Today

Do you ever think so much that your head hurts & you think you might explode?

This whats been going around in my head lately:

beyond the

"Is there more
than one?"

"How did the



Treat your brain to some thinking sometime- it hurts but it makes you realise there's more to life to that car or stupid job & yes, we are all just the same- but hey, I'm glad I'm here and you are too.

Love A. xxx

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Unemployed Start.

Hello little followers!
Hope you are all well & lovely and gooey and all of that stuff!
Happy 2010- its going to be a good one, I can feel it in me little aussie bones!

I thought it was about time for an update- things have been a little bit crazy over the New Year as you can imagine- but its time to get back into it!

The other day I was lucky enough to get a call from Studio M inviting me to come and help out with some odds and ends at their Fashion Trend Studio- mostly just helping out tidying their colour studio & a few bits and pieces. I was delighted to think they'd even ask me to come in & help with these tasks- I'm just working there on a daily basis when they need me to help. I think this is a great start- Studio M is such an amazing trend forecasting agency & would be an unbelievable place to start a new job! I hope they will consider me for future vacancies after working casually for them.

If you'd like to have a quick look at their site to get an idea, its

For now I am off to Birmingham tonight to visit an old & wonderful friend of mine flying in for the night! Cannot wait to spend the day and night with her catching up on everything & feeling revitalised again with an old friend.

Turkish restaurant in Birmingham is the task. We have an obsession with falafels and all things turkish restaurants.

+++Picture Scrapbook for you today +++

Delish Jams at Marylebone street- this is the best high street ever, just so cute & classy! Theres lots of yummy little patisseries and nice home-wears shops.

The best chocolate fondate & expresso in the WORLD- I dream of it daily- you can get it at Bella Italia (an Italian Restaurant chain around UK)

Me @ Portabello market.

Me standing tall- this is how I envision myself to be- tall & strong. I'm going to keep fighting until I get what I want- you only live once right?

Lots of Love & will check in next week with an update of my experience at Studio M & more scrumptious photography.

Love A.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Unemployed Sketchies

sketchies by me.

Tell me what you think?

Love A.


Unemployed NY- eve.

++Featured in this post: Emma Balke. London Sky.Fun times++
Party Hats.
My tulle skirt on fire.
Rapping battles on the patio.
Fireworks & frolicking.

Welcome 2010.Nice to meet you.

Love A.


Photog. by Me.