Monday, January 25, 2010

Unemployed- the super revolution of romance.

Hello All.

Today I have been doing an abundance of thinking
about trends/designing/whats coming up
& whats going on in the world of

I have come up with around 5 major movements
that I believe to be happening and which
I am going to research in depth further.

These ideas I am working on are:

++ there is a super, incredible romance evolution starting- soft, whimsical yet still strong, feminine, overtly girly ++

++sci-fi/ outerspace/ computer technology/ psychedelic this is going to be a cracker as I'm obsessed with all things space & beyond ++

++ military is back- more urban than before and taken to new extremes- she is ultra, effortlessly cool ++

++ Mad Max- protective, strong, continuation of hardware, all things dark- I'm having an ephinany and it involves alot of navy blue and dark greys ++

++ Vintage- all things old, kitch, retro
and worn because people want to feel loved/homely and want to get back to basics these days with all the crazy economic topsy-turvy crap- pottering around the house has never been so much fun ++

What I'm specifically in love with today,
funnily enough- is my super revolution of
romance trend. Why? because its
pretty & sweet...soft & dreamy but
still feminine, strong & sexy.
Here are a few inspirations I have
found and love.

++Job update++
Got a call today to do some temp. nannying work for some
extra cash- so this may just be a casual thing...any money
is better than no money and at the rate
of me planning my crazy Euro/UK summer- I need some
pennies please!

Recruitment Agency Success Appointments has taken me on (yay! acceptance!)
I have been put forward for an Assistant Product Developer Role &
a Junior Colour/ Trend Researcher with some fairly top profile
UK brands. Don't want to throw any names around yet...but I am super
excited about BOTH! I have an interview sometime this week
for the Assistant PD role, so I have been busy researching
the brand along with portfolio bits & pieces. As for the Jnr. Trend Researcher the
management is away at the this will take a few weeks to find out about!
I hope I'm in with a chance..both involve some sweet-ass travel and they are both
pretty amazing brands to work for- come on lucky dice!

But for now,
Romancing with my Mac on a Monday- what more could I ask for?

Now, a cup of tea & to the drawing pad.


Love A.

(P.S- if your liking my blog please do comment so
I know I'm not just talking to myself- which is
usually quite normal anyway!)


  1. Great to hear things are finally going for you - I should get some tips off you hehe


  2. hehe! we will be ok eventually! xx

  3. YEay Yeay on the prospects- you'll kill it!