Sunday, January 10, 2010

Unemployed Escape.

The trip to Birmingham was wonderfully rejuvenating, relaxing and made me feel me again to be with an old friend that I love dearly. Chatting about life, people & earth and whats really important is what we like to do. I hadn't seen that silly, hyperactive, overexcited girl in me for months- thanks Hols for bringing her back.

Inspiration Notebook:
++cosy fireplaces & small pubs that feel like someones lounge room- do it, its so much more original, authentic & secret ++
++ snow & friends is always the best- snow for one just isn't that fun++
++value those loved ones that you don't get to see that often- feed on the inspiration they provide you with, feel good about passing on your positive energies to each other ++
++wigs and hair extensions are so damn cool, go and try some on, they are sure to make your day, however maybe not the sales assistants++
++I'm wearing my £4 Parisian Coat, £1 vintage jumper, free leopard headscarf, £5 leopard sunnies, 'Faith' studded leather boots, Primark tights £5, Screwdriver & hammer necklace from my previous label++

Love A. xxx

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