Friday, March 26, 2010


my unemployedlife photography by MADAME A
inspiration from a graffitied wall in Brick Lane, East London

Dear Followers- As you can see there's been some super changes to the blog which are still in progress! So don't freak out (even though I know your not because to freak out over a blog would be quite a crazy act of human nature- however if you want to freak out, go right ahead I wont stop you) I would like to start featuring more fashion updates along with Styling tips, hot places to check out & of coursethe blog will still be commenting on my fashion career and experiences & life here in London.

March & Feb have been of a crazy transition period. With my money on the out- I started to freak out! I decided this fashion designer cannot just keep on living this hermit life inside the house and decided it would be time to go out & get some part time work. ANY WORK.

As reluctant as I am to it- I have been working as a waitress for 2 nights a week & a casual nanny here and there. Sometimes I nearly make enough to pay my rent which I am happy about and on Friday nights the bar sends me home with bundles of bags full of free vegetables and food which in my situation is AMAZING!

I have had a small break from my fashion assistant Internship at SYKES as the designer has been away in PARIS (lucky!) and also away in JAPAN (lucky!) However things should resume further with the work experience next week.My portfolio is coming along nicely & I will post some more pictures for you soon. I am really proud of my sketching techniques-my skills are getting better and better every day!


more inspiration
more styling tips
more life stories
more photography
more design work
more fashion commentary

Till then- I am off to get my daily fix of coffee (Thankgod it's time- shit can I afford one
today?) and then an afternoon of design & organisation and more work on my unemployed life!

PS- please bear with me whilst the blog gets updated! There may be some
small changes over the next few weeks!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


It's nice to bake,
an Unemployed cupcake.

I baked some special homemade
cupcakes for my housemates

I ate the one that said 'HAPPY' and
boy did I feel happy when I ate it.

I think its nice to bake for peoples
birthday. I also have an
obsession for making cards.

It's the handmade touch that
makes it special!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Unemployed- Parcel of Rainbows

On Thursday I received the most amazing parcel- I'd like to call it the
parcel of rainbows because thats how happy it made me feel.

I'd just like to say that I have some of the most
amazing, beautiful friends back in Australia and I dont know
what I'd do without them. I miss them everyday & I know
we are going to be friends for life (wow how much
of a whimp do I sound like right now?) haha!

I received my parcel & went and had a coffee
to celebrate opening it.

I started to cry in a cafe because it meant so
much to me..

I received a handmade coat hanger...I've called him 'Muddle'.

The most awesome 'Bondi Style' book...this is so inspirational and makes
me miss home and our style like crazy- keep doing what
you do Australia because your awesome! I love all
the photos of Bondi and interviews of creatives
from makes me miss home so, so much

One of my 'Lady Gaga' leotards from my label
'Prodigy of A'
I miss my label terribly..I miss making it..I miss my customers
and I miss the fun it bought me every week at the
markets and an excuse to hang out with
one of my best friends all day on a Saturday talking
crap, eating blueberry muffins, drinking coffee, talking
about a hot coffee man who is like 45, sitting
there and pondering life- together

A sweet little card from the GOMA exhibition..
with gorg handmade cutouts..somehow
I believe these replaced the words
'i miss you'

This parcel was truly blessed!
You know who you are- thankyou so much
Sometimes Australia feels like
a distant dream that never happened-
this parcel made me realise, it did happen-
and it will happen again.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Unemployed-creative mess.

This is what I'm up to tonight!
What do you think?

My development process is getting better as well as my sketch style..which I heart.