Friday, March 5, 2010

Unemployed- Parcel of Rainbows

On Thursday I received the most amazing parcel- I'd like to call it the
parcel of rainbows because thats how happy it made me feel.

I'd just like to say that I have some of the most
amazing, beautiful friends back in Australia and I dont know
what I'd do without them. I miss them everyday & I know
we are going to be friends for life (wow how much
of a whimp do I sound like right now?) haha!

I received my parcel & went and had a coffee
to celebrate opening it.

I started to cry in a cafe because it meant so
much to me..

I received a handmade coat hanger...I've called him 'Muddle'.

The most awesome 'Bondi Style' book...this is so inspirational and makes
me miss home and our style like crazy- keep doing what
you do Australia because your awesome! I love all
the photos of Bondi and interviews of creatives
from makes me miss home so, so much

One of my 'Lady Gaga' leotards from my label
'Prodigy of A'
I miss my label terribly..I miss making it..I miss my customers
and I miss the fun it bought me every week at the
markets and an excuse to hang out with
one of my best friends all day on a Saturday talking
crap, eating blueberry muffins, drinking coffee, talking
about a hot coffee man who is like 45, sitting
there and pondering life- together

A sweet little card from the GOMA exhibition..
with gorg handmade cutouts..somehow
I believe these replaced the words
'i miss you'

This parcel was truly blessed!
You know who you are- thankyou so much
Sometimes Australia feels like
a distant dream that never happened-
this parcel made me realise, it did happen-
and it will happen again.

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  1. i also love the parcel of rainbows! so, so sweet...i think "muddle" suits him xx