Thursday, December 31, 2009

Unemployed Naughty Things

Finally I've got the chance to snap some some of my new Christmas things & a few old bits that I absolutely love.

The story of the fake fur coat just needs to be told.

There is quite a large second hand store a street away from me- this is danger & what makes it worse (or better? ) is that everything is SO cheap. The other week I walked in and purchased a big, red oversized jumper (featured in my first post) for 50p. Thats not even $1 australian. Bloody gold I think.

The other day walking past, thinking about how depressed I am that I don't have my beloved waredrobe/ accessories/ sewing machine here with me and also about the fact that I shouldn't be spending any money at all and living on bread and tea...I just thought I'd take a little sneak peak in the second hand store. Couldn't hurt right?

I stumbled across a creme French Fur Coat at the back of the store- which at first I thought was real because it felt and looked absolutely amazing.

"Excuse me, how much?"
"Oh that'll be er..4 quid love"

WHOLEY HELL, BANANA'S & TEACAKES AND ICECREAM i thought. Ok I didn't think that but I thought, SOLD to the lady in black! I also picked up a cute leopard headscarf and oversized grey tea- both .50p each...when I went to buy then the man was said..

"Dont worry, Ill just make it all £4 for you"

Fake fur coat that looks real, a tee & headscarf. I was on cloud nine after this!

I had to pop down the road for a few hours so I asked the kind man if I could leave my bag there and pick it up on the way back. Two hours later I went and picked up my bag and the man had popped a free pair of white gloves in there for me.

"Thought those might keep ya hands warm! Enjoy!"

This act of kindness truly made my week.+++


++ £4 Parisian coat! +++
++ free new head scarf ++
++old leather tasselled cuff, its partner is with someone precious to me back home++
++ favourite leopard ring, a gift from a best of mine friend from Japan++
++studded cuff I bought in Dubai- never worn, about $25 australian++
++New waist belt for New Years- River Island £10++
++New army boots on sale ++
++New studded babies, Chrissy pres from Ma++
++ My New Years eve studded headband bought from ASOS- £4 plus postage++
++my aussie pack from Ma ++

Enjoy 'oogling with your pretty eyes!


Love A.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Unemployed Antics

Welcomed an old brisvegas mate over for delicious chicken, wine and outside antics last night. Welcome to Tootin'.

Love A.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Unemployed Missions

It seems every interview I go to ends up being a massive mission that I need to accomplish, usually in a strange destination I find myself looking for the destination like I'm on a god damn treasure hunt.

So last Wednesday I was invited to go out and have an interview with fashion supplier 3R. I did my background research- no website and quite out of town, was starting to wonder if it was just a hoax put on Gumtree by an old perverted man, but I think that was just my imagination running wild again.

About an hour out west I was picked up by a black mercedes and taken to their office in the middle of suburbia. Rajiv the guy in charge assured me their office was only about a ten minute walk from the looked to me about 20 and since I don't have a car- if I was to even get this job it seemed already that it would be a mission impossible to get to work everyday with alot of walking, 3 tube rides and then some more walking. Dont get me wrong, walking is super fun fantastic but when its snowing and 0 degree's it can sometimes get a bit much. I could however invest in a wheelchair which would aid in travelling down the hill, but maybe not on the way back up.

A look to the right, a look to the left- ok office looks decent and not shabby, company must be doing alright.

After waiting 20 minutes alone in a room I waited for this Rajiv fella to come back and get to asking me some questions on how cool I am.

Looking around the room- bags & accessories actually looked pretty funky, I was thinking alright- I can do this, these look pretty cool.

The interview was pretty basic really, he didn't ask me many questions and he was actually pretty sure that I could do the job he was asking, so I didn't really talk much. However I got a bit of a weird vibe from this company- it may have been first impressions, but Mr.Rajiv really didn't seem to have much of an idea about things, which seemed a bit worrying. Going into companies that don't know what they are doing, can be a little bit scary- if not give one a heart attack at least quarterly. I know, I've done it before.

++++Salary offer- surprisingly sounded good, but who knows if it was just words.
Professionalism- er...we'll see?
Location- fuckin middle of who knows where.
Supplier to? topshop, river island, next, inditex... about 30 UK high street retailers all up.

Unemployed outlook: the organisation/ knowledge of the company or owner seemed to put me off as well as the location.

Verdict: Find out in about 10 days, Rajiv would like to see some more bag designs from me "to help my case". ++++

My question to God: will I ever be designing beautiful luxurious things for a luxury end brand? will I ever find a reasonable job here in the UK that I love? Will I have my own brand/ shop and live happily ever after eating flapjacks, drinking tea and laughing merrily each day about how awesome my life is? Ok maybe it was too many questions to start with. Lets hope the new year brings, reasonable.

Note to self++++ going to have to compromise on dreams to get to the dreams.

Todays pics- more memories from melbourne, photos by me xxx

Love A.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Un to the employed- still, so heres some pictures instead.Procrastination is not the key but Ill god well do it anyway.

++My bestie (Red Tights)++
++life is what happens when your making other plans++

Be expecting an abundance of unemployed photography to be posted this week::
.Old & New.

Yippe Yi Yay!

Sleeping habits have be upraised-trying for 8am tomorrow morning! Tomorrows
agenda includes heck loads of tea (brain says fuck yes), a trip to the post office (vegemite from Mum has arrived safely, thank god) & off to snappy snaps to
pick up an old film, a bit of walking and dreaming (as per usual) and an
afternoon of portfolio SMASHING and generating some delicious mens designs
for the Australian Vein Footwear Design comp.

++Portfolio Agenda? Improving mood boards & development work this week ++

++Update on funny Indian handbag designer job in the middle of nowhere? This needs time be carefully explained- another task for tomorrow++

dream time now.

Love A.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Unemployed- sometime/something.

Everything comes from something, nothing comes from nothing.
This is my something. My inspiration wall is growing & I like eating tea & croissants.

Sometimes I live in a magical world where I drink tea and stay in my pjama's all day and dream about summer coming back to love me again. I'm dreaming about high waisted shorts, singlets, converse shoes and hippie headbands. Beers with my besties and blurry hot days that are flooded with smiles, mud and smelly rain.

Sometimes I also like taking photos and sticking post its over the flash on my SLR- its fun and it feels like you have x-ray vision.
Sometimes somethings are just a bit fun.
Sometimes I'm just unemployed.
Sometimes I miss my friends,family and sometimes a bit of fun.

Whats your something?

Love A.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Unemployed Joy to the World

Wishing ya'll a Merry Christmas with lots of love, laughter and magical adventures!

Unemployed update in a few days after I've finished stuffing my lil Aussie face!

Love A. xx


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Unemployed Update:

Interview tomorrow around lunchtime at Greenford for a handbag designer.

Unknown Supplier... no website, keen on my designs, offers oversea's travel.

Sceptical but still going to turn up.

Update on the journey in a day or two!

++sceptical but going to at least find out, thats what its all about, right?++

Monday, December 21, 2009

Unemployed Lomo.++++++++

New store just opened in Carnaby Street- London!

Oh how I want, want, want! Lomography you will be my next baby...have a look at the site! I'm going to post a few pictures for your eyes to OOGLE from the website!

I also want this rockin pink camera-yeah dawg!

Love A. xxx

Unemployed- the outcome

So what happened with the interview?

After a day of whatever could go wrong- going wrong- finally got to the interview on time, shared a quick ten minutes to reveal that they didn't think I had enough high street designs in my portfolio and that was that! The HR manager offered to have me do some work over Christmas and maybe they would reassess the situation in the New Year.

Feeling a bit low after that I went and enjoyed in a beer with a friend of a friend in a cosy SOHO bar down the road.

The next day- feeling like I needed to break my cabin fever and instil some more life and inspiration in me after the shoot down- I decided to go the British Museum. BEST AFTERNOON EVER!

I took a bunch of piccys (as usual) and felt alive once again! Rejuvenation afternoon at Museum complete.

Inspiration Notebook+++
++chinese ceramics- amazing colour + prints+ textures....great for colour palettes & print design ideas++
++cute ceramic horses and dragons- come stay in my home++
++SKULLS- real ones & fake ones. I want to buy the Skull candle pictured and ++anything Skulls. I love skulls- did I mention I love them?
++egyptian times- wow amazing sculptures/mummies/scripts/carvings. I especially like the carvings of the birds- too cute+++
+one giant skeleton riding a grasshopper- hell yes, fucking awesome.+
+another evil skeleton riding an orange evil horse.+
+model of a japanese house- will you come live in here with me?+
++the 3 legged cat that likes to come in and have a chat with me ++

Unemployed Status+++
++jobs have slowed right down coming up to XMAS!
++going to relax a little for a week, do a couple of designs & just enjoy the Christmas break- even though ++I've been unemployed for 3 months- hey- I'd like some turkey & mince pies too.
++spending time with my cousin whilst she's visiting- a familiar face- ah bliss++
++organising my NYE Amy Winehouse dress up outfit- its going to be a Winner.++
++miss my fam and friends-love you all-Im trying my best ++