Monday, December 21, 2009

Unemployed- the outcome

So what happened with the interview?

After a day of whatever could go wrong- going wrong- finally got to the interview on time, shared a quick ten minutes to reveal that they didn't think I had enough high street designs in my portfolio and that was that! The HR manager offered to have me do some work over Christmas and maybe they would reassess the situation in the New Year.

Feeling a bit low after that I went and enjoyed in a beer with a friend of a friend in a cosy SOHO bar down the road.

The next day- feeling like I needed to break my cabin fever and instil some more life and inspiration in me after the shoot down- I decided to go the British Museum. BEST AFTERNOON EVER!

I took a bunch of piccys (as usual) and felt alive once again! Rejuvenation afternoon at Museum complete.

Inspiration Notebook+++
++chinese ceramics- amazing colour + prints+ textures....great for colour palettes & print design ideas++
++cute ceramic horses and dragons- come stay in my home++
++SKULLS- real ones & fake ones. I want to buy the Skull candle pictured and ++anything Skulls. I love skulls- did I mention I love them?
++egyptian times- wow amazing sculptures/mummies/scripts/carvings. I especially like the carvings of the birds- too cute+++
+one giant skeleton riding a grasshopper- hell yes, fucking awesome.+
+another evil skeleton riding an orange evil horse.+
+model of a japanese house- will you come live in here with me?+
++the 3 legged cat that likes to come in and have a chat with me ++

Unemployed Status+++
++jobs have slowed right down coming up to XMAS!
++going to relax a little for a week, do a couple of designs & just enjoy the Christmas break- even though ++I've been unemployed for 3 months- hey- I'd like some turkey & mince pies too.
++spending time with my cousin whilst she's visiting- a familiar face- ah bliss++
++organising my NYE Amy Winehouse dress up outfit- its going to be a Winner.++
++miss my fam and friends-love you all-Im trying my best ++


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