Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Unemployed Day- Unexpected.

Everything about today was unexpected and well, unbelievable! So my sleeping habits are getting some what better (I still went to bed at 3) BUT hey, I woke up at 10.30 and tomorrow I'm going to be up Ill explain further down.

Today....IT SNOWED! YES IT PROPERLY SNOWED! If you can understand how exciting this is for a little Aussie from sweaty sunshine town-believe me, its so VERY VERY EXCITING!

This year I wont be able to see my loved ones and I decided instead of sending awkward and expensive bundles of joy home that I would endeavour to make some heart-warming Christmas cards and send some precious photos back, tailored to each loved individual. After four days in the making & organising, I finally finished and I was ready to post these goodies off- and do you know what that meant? Encountering the soft, wet and white wonderful snow playground of my street outside! I made and threw my first snowball and it was indeed, a very joyous moment!

The later part of the afternoon was spent organising a new mood board for Autumn Winter 09- "Girls who like Boys:Brogue Trend" along with finishing off my designs and sending them to the awesome recruitment agency I've hooked up with, Fashion Decisions.

Following trying to make a difference in my all night owl-ism, I made my way back to the beloved gym (no sarcasm there, I really do like the gym!) to help me sleep tonight. I got offered a free session after my card declined the £9 casual fee and I looked rather disappointed I had missed my spin class. On the way home, feeling chirpy & happy to be walking the streets of a different country with such ease (although wearing 4 shirts, one jacket, 2 pairs of tights, 2 socks, one beanie and having my hood on)- I stopped to get a bottle of wine to aid in the help of sleep tonight.

I thought I'd go for a £4 bottle of red and went to pay and figured I really only had about 2.70, after another disappointing moment and forgetting my card declined before for some stupid reason, I asked if I could pay by card and the shop keeper let me. Once again, card declined. HMPH. "It's ok, don't worry about it...thanks anyway, sorry to bother you!"
"How much do you have there love?"
"Uhhh....I dunno, about 2.70 I think...?"
"Hmm alright"

"Well I can't let you go home empty handed then can I? Its the festive season! Here let me help you and just give me the change you got"

And that was that! I emptied out my shrapnel onto the counter, got a discounted bottle of wine and pretty much skipped home with glee!

Snow, a free gym session & a kind deed involving a bottle of wine.

After getting home and getting into a tasty minestrone soup- I checked my email. There were 2 emails from Fashion Decisions. I finally landed an interview with a major footwear and accessories supplier & they want to see me tomorrow at 3pm. Seriously shocked- I started to laugh! Someone was finally considering me! After the last 2 months of getting nowhere....I think my new portfolio was starting to prove itself.


A 10.30 wakeup + Christmas goodies finished + SNOW+free gym+ discounted bottle of wine + A JOB INTERVIEW.

Lets see what tomorrow brings for my unemployed life?


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