Sunday, December 27, 2009

Un to the employed- still, so heres some pictures instead.Procrastination is not the key but Ill god well do it anyway.

++My bestie (Red Tights)++
++life is what happens when your making other plans++

Be expecting an abundance of unemployed photography to be posted this week::
.Old & New.

Yippe Yi Yay!

Sleeping habits have be upraised-trying for 8am tomorrow morning! Tomorrows
agenda includes heck loads of tea (brain says fuck yes), a trip to the post office (vegemite from Mum has arrived safely, thank god) & off to snappy snaps to
pick up an old film, a bit of walking and dreaming (as per usual) and an
afternoon of portfolio SMASHING and generating some delicious mens designs
for the Australian Vein Footwear Design comp.

++Portfolio Agenda? Improving mood boards & development work this week ++

++Update on funny Indian handbag designer job in the middle of nowhere? This needs time be carefully explained- another task for tomorrow++

dream time now.

Love A.

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