Thursday, December 31, 2009

Unemployed Naughty Things

Finally I've got the chance to snap some some of my new Christmas things & a few old bits that I absolutely love.

The story of the fake fur coat just needs to be told.

There is quite a large second hand store a street away from me- this is danger & what makes it worse (or better? ) is that everything is SO cheap. The other week I walked in and purchased a big, red oversized jumper (featured in my first post) for 50p. Thats not even $1 australian. Bloody gold I think.

The other day walking past, thinking about how depressed I am that I don't have my beloved waredrobe/ accessories/ sewing machine here with me and also about the fact that I shouldn't be spending any money at all and living on bread and tea...I just thought I'd take a little sneak peak in the second hand store. Couldn't hurt right?

I stumbled across a creme French Fur Coat at the back of the store- which at first I thought was real because it felt and looked absolutely amazing.

"Excuse me, how much?"
"Oh that'll be er..4 quid love"

WHOLEY HELL, BANANA'S & TEACAKES AND ICECREAM i thought. Ok I didn't think that but I thought, SOLD to the lady in black! I also picked up a cute leopard headscarf and oversized grey tea- both .50p each...when I went to buy then the man was said..

"Dont worry, Ill just make it all £4 for you"

Fake fur coat that looks real, a tee & headscarf. I was on cloud nine after this!

I had to pop down the road for a few hours so I asked the kind man if I could leave my bag there and pick it up on the way back. Two hours later I went and picked up my bag and the man had popped a free pair of white gloves in there for me.

"Thought those might keep ya hands warm! Enjoy!"

This act of kindness truly made my week.+++


++ £4 Parisian coat! +++
++ free new head scarf ++
++old leather tasselled cuff, its partner is with someone precious to me back home++
++ favourite leopard ring, a gift from a best of mine friend from Japan++
++studded cuff I bought in Dubai- never worn, about $25 australian++
++New waist belt for New Years- River Island £10++
++New army boots on sale ++
++New studded babies, Chrissy pres from Ma++
++ My New Years eve studded headband bought from ASOS- £4 plus postage++
++my aussie pack from Ma ++

Enjoy 'oogling with your pretty eyes!


Love A.


  1. WOW Where is this shop? Mind taking me? hehe
    Love the boots


  2. hehe! I can take you for sure, its actually in Tooting Bec where I live! Sometimes they have some really amazing stuff and its so cheap- you just have to have a trawl through!

    Army boots are from River Island too!


  3. what's the name of the second hand shop / what street is it on?