Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Unemployed- Psyched for SYKES.

Right! When you start to loose all hope and think things aren't happening- things start happening. Weird huh? To be honest lately things haven't been the best (this isn't a blog where ever thing is peaches and roses- I do aim to tell my honest story! However peaches and roses are pretty) I started to get into a bit of a rut- losing all hope- questioning myself-my qualifications & my experience and geez, mainly who I am. Lets admit- these are not the best things to be questioning in a cold, dark time like this without loved ones around! The last few weeks my programs weren't working so I lost a bit of motivation because I couldn't get any new footwear CADS done and it was really hindering working on my portfolio any further. With weeks going by of no new phone encouragement...I just started to wonder- WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?Is anyone going to give me a job?...... "Pretty please??! I'm a super dooper designer & you wont regret it!" A few weeks ago I sent out an outstanding amount of emails to the New Generation Designers showing at London Fashion Week. I wanted to show my keen interest in any work experience they may have available for me- the chance to work with any designers, feed off any inspiration and any experience I can get would be wonderful- within either clothing or footwear. Without any reply I thought, hmph, just another avenue shot down...what other ways can I try? Depressed and my head sore from banging against an imaginary brick wall I found myself 2 nights ago perusing through my Junkmail (as you do- um theres some interesting stuff in there I must admit..)

I found an invite from a contact at Joanna Sykes- a london based womens luxury label showing at London Fashion week- the lovely ladies have seen my blog & were interested in my bubbly attitude and willingness to help them out! YES, I thought! I may have even done an Irish jig around my room at this point and yeah the neighbours can see into my room but it was 1am, so who cares.

Thus after quick communication and a meet-date yesterday- I am now an Intern at Joanna Sykes Studio in Notting Hill and I start on Friday! I am initially helping out 2 days a week with any jobs and bits and pieces the label needs to run at the moment and any organisation needed for the labels fashion week exhibition- Joanna is a very talented designer who has just finished working with Armani for 5 years (wow!) and has also worked for Albeta Ferritti. The label is gorgeous with beautiful luxurious fabrics & exquisite tailoring- it has a very sophisticated feel. I really love the styling of it!

If you would like to check out SYKES here is the low down on the fashion week site: Also the SYKES website is
SO! I am very excited to work with a very talented designer & soak up all the knowledge and inspiration I can and I suppose getting to help out at.....LONDON FASHION WEEK- is just a little bit, um....COOL?!?

++Todays Inspiration Notebook++

++outfit planning to visit Studio M for a meeting & SYKES- green top from OP shop-0.50p, River Island Belt, Vintage Leopard Scarf, Primark skirt, Camden lace up booties & black tights++
++ Yes I like old school vintage granny jumpers- they are the best! here's another find- £1 floral jumper Im wearing today- its so warm I think I'm starting to sweat++
++ Summer prep- long black vintage dress for £3, thought it was a gorg find and I could style it up with a waist belt, lots of long hippie necklaces and some hot new gladiators for summer- yes gladiators will be back but in very fine, crazy form- think warrior on speed ++
++ bikes and bits in London town++
++ Psyched about SYKES- some of the label piccys for you to see! I love how they have used elderly models in some shots- it shows the label is still 'real' and versatile. Well done!++

So this weeks lesson is: always check your junk email, you never know what treasures you may find: um good & bad
Keep trying- good things do who come to those who wait and those who network, more good things come to you
Be yourself- why would you want to be anyone else when the person you are
is so unique.

When the sun shines, I'll be dancing on top of it and when it doesn't, I'll still be dancing in the street.




  1. nice work aysh! gotta love junk mail. and notting hill! how cool. sounds like a great opportunity for you. hopefully this is the start you need. x

  2. 才華在逆境中展現,在順境中被掩藏。 ....................................................

  3. Fantastic, Moo. This will be the first of the big breaks. Love Mum

  4. thanks mum & fam! it should be great...will have another update in a few days on it :)

    mum you can click to follow me on the side of the page where it says followers..then you can become one too! :)


  5. woo hoo!! your a superstar miss A. good luck!