Thursday, May 6, 2010


I went to Spain and I need to inform you of something very special to my heart. We all know Spanish Tapa's- but do we all know PINCHOs?
If you do not know Pincho's- you seriously have not lived, well at least not inside your mouth. One bite of a Spanish Pincho and you'll be sent into Pincho crazy land and find yourself 20 minutes later saying " Wow- did I really just overdose on mini bread slices with the most amazing toppings you've ever tasted in the world?" "Yes- yes I did overdose on Pinchos"
But it still wasn't enough...everyday I now crave more Pinchos. I wonder when the craving will stop but it wont.
Mini breads with salmon....parma ham...tuna....cheese...everything...anything you can think of...oh and the balsamic glaze- wholey fucking moley people. WOAH.
I've heard there's Pinchos restaurants in know what...I'm going to find them & when I do....


Do not tell me your not craving Pinchos now?
Top marks for presentation/ top marks for
mouth gasams.

If your ever in Bilbao-Spain you need to make
a visit to-
pLAZA bERRIA, 6-tfno: 944151671
48005 Bilbao

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