Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ive crawled out of hibernation into the Sunshine. Spring & me- we're good friends.

Spring time is the best time in London.
The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and when the sun comes out to play the whole world comes to join it.
Also SPRING fashion blows-my-friggen-mind. Any pounds I make are easily spent straight away on new makeup..and lots of partying. Who could blame me right? Its spring time in London! Finally.
I'm not going to lie- I'm starting to have the time of my life.



  1. I truly believe I have had some of the best times when utterly skint! It forces you to be more creative.

    I wanted to say Hi as I'm going to the Aussie Angel party on Saturday night, should be a laugh!

    Also wanted to say you have a brilliant blog, you photos are amazing- the street style ones a few posts down are so good!

    See you saturday!

    Ellie x

  2. Hi Eleanor!

    Thanks so much for your comment- the blog is going through some changes & I'm just trying to get back into it and make it happen again! Really looking forward to meeting you on Saturday at the party!