Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Aussie Frizz Miracle Party

Well I am luckily enough to be apart of the Aussie Frizz Miracle Tribe- which means I get to be involved in lots of yummy events and parties to do with Aussie Haircare which I do believe is a little bit awesome!

Aussie held a Mad Hatters Tea Party at Mews of Mayfair for the Frizz Miracle Tribe and I have to say what a gorgeous venue!After a long winded public transport episode-with the Northen line going on holiday- I finally got to the party after 4 buses and 2 tube rides- talk about dedication!

Hidden secretly among the small alleyways off Bond street... Mews is quite hard to find...its secretly tucked away....there were little cobble stone hills and dim fire lighting like something out of Harry Potter.....this is what I love about London though...all the hidden secrets and hiddey-holes...makes for super adventures & super suspense....

Arriving with two of my favorite ladies in hand we were welcomed into a small intimate room...a party...a Mad Hatters Tea Party! The clever ladies from Aussie had set up a special millenery activity for the guests to enjoy while of course sipping on fine alcoholic fruity punch (as Mad Hatter would have it!) and yummy delights such as the most yummiest little salmon bitey things ever & some famous Alice in Wonderland cupcakes....MMM.

The Frizz Miracle Guests were spoilt with getting their hair done & we could ask lots of questions about the products and get lots of information on how to make our hair HOT!

At the end of the night we were super, super spoilt & we got to take away some gorgeous Aussie Products to use! Seriously- this shit smells AMAZING! I'm not going to really is awesome! My recommendation is to use the Curl Definition + Soft Feel smells awesome & leaves your hair feeling orgasmic. Truly. We were also spoilt with a few other bits and bobs in our Mad Hatters Goodie Bag and I was so lucky to receive a gorgeous pair of little cupcake earrings from Love Hearts and Crosses! <---( Check out their range here)How adorable!

Throughout the night we all made our own headpieces with feathers and felt and ribbons and bits and pieces! I scored a hot black felt facinator- think Lady Gaga- its gorg! When I workshop an outfit around it- it will be featured very soon!

So all in all the Frizz Miracle Party was super fun & it was awesome to meet the tribe and meet some lovely new friends!

I can't wait to see the crew for the next adventure and can't wait to wash my hair next......which is totally weird coming from the girl who only likes to wash her hair once a week! Shower here I come!



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