Sunday, February 14, 2010

Unemployed- ?

Hey- wow- remember me?
Unemployed-ness is really taking its tole- inspiration or shall I say... motivation
has to be squeezed from my head like orange pulp at the moment.

Bank funds- yeah, getting quite depressing.
Food? bread, rice, pasta- never thought I'd say this but I'm over it, plus my
face has swollen up like one of those scary blowfish cartoons and I can't seem to make it
go down without a hideous amount of exercise and just eating beans.

I've got an interview tomorrow finally with KICKERS shoes for an Assistant Footwear
PD role...

The brand has a big recognition with the BRIT music scene and festivals....

Who would suit this more than me?

Fashion Week starts at the end of the week.....

More updates on my Internship & Fashion Week very soon but for
now Kickers research and prep continues, as my brain boggles itself
thinking 'wholey fuck Aysh- look at your savings account- a feeling a bit like
a large rock to the temple of my head'...I'm missing home, I miss my
best friend, I miss the gym, I miss cooking nice food and I seriously just want things
to get back to some sort of normality again.

Now? Sleep.

Love A.

Please god- bring me luck for tomorrow I really need this!

Ohhhhhhhh by the way- no luck on Fred Perry- someone with more U.K
experience was selected.

Tomorrow is a new day!


***** my feet- they think alot****

** Fashion Exhibit at the V& A- I'm obsessed with these boots by Nina Hjorth- she's amazing! **

** My best friend sent me this little boat and poem all the way from Aus- he sits on my window
sill- reminding me of better days to come**


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